Hi guys,

The plan this week:

Class one:

We are looking at Reading part 2 of the exam on pages 6 and 7. We will complete exercises 1-3, and work in pairs to complete an exam task.

HW is the exam task on page 7. We will check this at the start of Thursday’s class.

Class 2:

Today we are revising Vocabulary about place in a school and subjects on page 8. We will complete exercises 1-6, and review must, have to, don’t have to when talking about rules. We will also complete the listening exam task in class and correct the answers.

Homework: I will give you a photocopy of reading part 1.

Secondly, I would like you to complete the following writing exercise:

Your family is visiting London next month. You have an English pen friend called Zara who also lives in London. You would like to meet here when you go to London.
Write an email to Zara. In your email, you should:

  • say when your family is coming to London
  • ask if you can meet up, and suggest a day
  • suggest what you can do together.

Write 35-45 words.