Hi guys,

The plan this week:

Class one:

We are focusing on part 2 of the Reading exam, which is all about matching information. First we will start by getting information from your classmates, and deciding who is the ‘perfect match’ in terms of interests and personality. Then we will complete the activities on page 14 of your PET trainer. In pairs you will complete an exam task and we will check your answers together.

HW: exam task on page 15-16.

Class two:

Today we are going to review the present and past passive on page 17. We will start by watching a clip of Ratatouille and completing sentences about what happened to the protagonists, and how to write these in the passive voice. Then we will complete the activities on page 17, before a Kahoot quiz to test your knowledge.


This is part of a letter you receive from an English pen friend.

We’re doing a project on life in the UK at school and I wondered if you could tell me something about a particular festival you celebrate as a family.

You are writing a letter to this pen-friend.
Write the letter in about 100 words.

Reading part 3 pages 18-19