Hi guys,

In class one we will check the homework that was set in the last class. We are focusing on adjectives of emotion today, so we will start with a discussion about how people might feel in certain situations. Students will complete page 20 of the book which relates to adjectives, and there will also be a Kahoot to revise these adjectives.

Class two:

Today we will work on page 21 of the book, which continues to focus on reading part 4. We will complete the activities on this page, as well as a quiz game on the board. In preparation of the homework, we are also going to discuss what it takes to be a pilot.


Exam on pages 22-23

Writing part 3:

Your family is visiting London next month. You have an English pen friend called Zara who also lives in London. You would like to meet here when you go to London.
Write an email to Zara. In your email, you should:

  • say when your family is coming to London
  • ask if you can meet up, and suggest a day
  • suggest what you can do together.

Write 35-45 words.