Hello everyone!

Hope you had a relaxing weekend !

Next week we are going to speak about suffixes , practice reading and use of English and listening.

On Monday , first we are going to check the homework from pages 109 and 110. Then we are going to continue with the exercises from pg: 19 & 20 ( suffixes and opposites) and we are going to discuss how to write a letter from pg.: 39-40

Your homework for Wednesday ( 18.10.17) is from pg 21/ reading and use of English : Gliding

On Wednesday we are going to do the listening exercises from pg 48/ part 1 and speaking from pg 55, 56/ part 1

Your homework ( for Monday 23.10.17)  pg 41/ writing part 2, write a letter, and pg 111/ Reading and use of English part 3/ Training for a long distance running race.

See you in class!