Hello everyone !

In this folder I am going to post a general overview of the lessons for each term and each month.

This is for the autumn term 2017-2018

October: Unit 1: Ready for school

November : Unit 2: Busy morning

December : Unit 3: Story world


October :Unit 1: Ready for school!

Identify, pronounce, spell and write the vocabulary list: Unit 1.

  • Know the basic form of the formation of the plural
  • Recognize and use place prepositions appropriately: in, on, under, behind.
  • Express the place where different objects are found.
  • Learn the songs related to the topic: I’m ready for school and Where is my pen?
  • Complete the workbook exercises

Vocabulary: SCHOOL

. Vocabulary list: book, pen, pencil, pencil case, rubber, ruler, school bag, sharpener.
Vocabulary review: Bin, board, crayon, cupboard, teacher, window, door, computer, plant. ( Beep 2 )


– Where is the ….? It’s …(on, in, under, behind)- Have you got a ….? Yes, I have / No, I haven’t- I’ve got…

Story of the unit: A school trip!