Hi guys:

Class one:

Today we examined speaking part 2, and the language of speculation and comparison. We listened to an example answer (which can be found in the audio link below) and completed page 63 of the book. We also completed a couple of exam questions in pairs.

HW: complete page 178 (exam task)

Class two:

Today we are focused on word formation, which is part 3 of the use of English exam. In pairs, students created their own exam task based on two C1 level texts and answered their partner’s questions (this was based on the game Madlibs). For those who were not in class, these texts can be found on the following web pages:



Homework: Please complete pages 17-19 and correct these exercises at home. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask me in the next class.

Secondly, complete the exam task on page 20- we will mark this together in class.

Finally, please complete question 2 on page 187 (the proposal). Remember to use headings for each main point!!