Hi guys,

Class one:

We worked through all the exercises on pages 15 and 16 in pairs, which relate to part 2 of the use of english exam. Specifically we looked at relative clauses and linking words (these are also very useful in the writing exam!). We also completed a Kahoot related to these topics:



Please complete exercise 6 on page 17, and the exam task on page 18. We will check these in class.

Class two:

Today we are focusing on word formation, which is part 3 of the use of English exam. In pairs, students created their own exam task based on two B2 level texts and answered their partner’s questions (this was based on the game Madlibs).

To finish off we will play a game to revise grammar points from parts 1-3 of the use of english:


Homework: Please complete exercise 2 on page 19, and 3-6 on page 20, the exam task on page 21 and the essay question on page 155.