Hi guys,

Class one: 

Today we revised the present tenses (simple and continuous) using a photocopy of the student workbook. Next we reviewed the -ing form, completing exercise 5 on page 10. We then looked at the propositions at, of, in and about and spoke about our personalities and completed exercise 6.

Class two:

We started with a review of the -ing forms, as well as some verbs that are always by to+infinitive. We completed a Kahoot on this this topic, followed by a speaking game in which students formed sentences about themselves by joining various verbs together. We finished the class with a game to revise various areas of the B1 exam,



You have lost your jacket. Write a notice to put on the wall in your school. 
In your notice, say:
– what your bag is like
–  where you last saw it
–  how people can contact you

Write 35-45 words.