Hi guys,

Class one:

Today we focused on verbs followed by the -ing and infinitive forms. We started with a speaking exercise in which students asked each other questions about activities they do and preferences. These tested the students’ ability to correctly use both forms. We completed exercises 4 and 5 on page 21. To finish the class we played a game of ESL dominos, in which students created sentences about themselves using various followed followed by either the -ing or to+infinitive form.

Homework: Please complete the reading exercise on page 22.

Class two:

Today we are focusing on reading part 5, on pages 24 and 25 of the book. Students will put their knowledge to the test with two interactive quizzes:


Preposition Interactive Grammar Game for ESL – Wheel Game

We will finish the class by completing listening part 3 on the Exam English: website:https://www.examenglish.com/PET/pet_for_schools_listening_part4.htm


Please complete the exam task on page 25 and the writing task below:

You have lost your jacket. Write a notice to put on the wall in your school.
In your notice, say:
 – what your bag is like
–  where you last saw it
–  how people can contact you

Write 35-45 words.