Hi guys,

Class one: 

Today we are working on pages 46-48, which relate to listening part 1. In exercise one we will read through the transcripts and identify the distractors. Then we will talk about each of the questions in the exam and think about different ways of expressing the same idea. We will complete the exam task and correct the answers. Finally, we will finish with a Kahoot to revise FCE vocabulary.

Homework: please complete the exam task on page 163.

Class two:

We will focus on writing part 2 today, specifically how to write an article. The theme will be inspirational people. We will also look at pages 91-93 which focus on what you need to include in any article, and in what register.

Homework: Please complete the article exam task on page 93

In the link below you will find all the materials we used in class:

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