Hi guys,

Class one:

We worked through pages 24 and 25, which relate to part 5 of the Reading and Use of English. Specifically it concerns understanding difficult words from the context. This was in preparation of the exam task on pages 26-28. Then we discussed where new words come from and how this come about, and watched this TedEd video:


Homework: exam task on page 26-28.

Class two:

Today we started by talking about festivals in Spain, and how they are celebrated. We then looked an example question from part two of the writing exam (specifically the report question) and how to answer it. We completed phrases that are relevant when writing a report, and a suitable structure. We finished the class with a video about cheese rolling in the UK.


In your English class you have been discussing festivals around the world. Your tutor has asked you to write a report on a popular festival in your country that may interest other students. Your report should:

  • Describe the event, saying where and when it takes place
  • Say how popular it is and why
  • outline some changes you think should be made

Write your report in 220-260 words in an appropriate style.