Hi guys,

Class one:

Today we were revising the past tenses. We began with general conversation about past events, including activities we completed at specific points in the past, as well as more general life experiences. We then reviewed the grammar for the past simple and the present perfect. We finished the class with a Kahoot to revise these grammar points.

Homework: please complete exercise 1 on page 16.

Class two:

Today we continued to focus on the past tenses- we looked at the past perfect. We looked how to form the structure and when to use, and completed the questions on:


Then we played a Kahoot to reinforce this grammar point.

To finish, we discussed the Bermuda Triangle: what it is, what possible theories surrounding it are, and stories we know about it. We then watched a ‘myth busting’ video that ‘explains’ the ‘real truth’.

Homework: Please complete the exam task on 16.