Class 1

Today we will correct the homework which was a 100 word essay

Speaking exam. Our students will watch a video about the speaking exam, answering the questions in the video made by the examiner and will then listen to the candidates answers

Speaking part 1- Page 45 we will do part 1 from the book in pairs

Speaking part 2- Page 47

Halloween traditions in Spain- Debate. Fancy dress and decorations


35-45 Short news summary about something happening in current affairs at the moment.

Class 2

Homework correction

Cover speaking part page 49 and page 51- Speaking parts 3 and 4. Exam practice in pairs

Discuss images in:-

Roleplay- GREEN CARD. 2 students will leave the class to invent a family history. When they come back they are interviewed individually and their stories must coincide.

Homework- 100 essay about your football team or sports club