Hi guys,

Class one:

Today we focused on sport. We began with a discussion about the sports we practise, why sport is so attractive to play and watch, and the benefits that sport can bring. We also watched a video that focused on these benefits:


We finished the class by completing listening part 4 on page 142.

Homework: please complete the exam task on page 155

Class two:

Today we are going to talk about information overload and how we use technology in our lives. We will complete a short quiz based on the video below, and then discuss the information we heard.

Next we will move our attention to mobile phones and how we use them, before completing the exam task on page 107. We will finish the class with the listening on page 160.


Has technology made a positive or negative contribution to our lives?

Write about:

  • The use of technology to share information
  • How technology is used in education
  • Your own idea

Write your essay in 140-190 words.