Hello everyone!

This month we are going to continue with unit 2: Where are you from ?

Here is what the students will study:

  • Ask and answer about the nationality of people.
  • Understand texts and answer questions about your country of origin, languages ​​etc
  • Pronounce and write correctly to «Vocabulary List 2»: countries and languages
  • Locate the countries on a map.

Vocabulary: Countries

. Mexico, Spain, Ireland, France, Italy, China, the UK, the USA.

. Spanish, English, Italian, Chinese, French


– Where are you from?
– I’m from the UK

– Where is she from?
– She is from Italy

– Where is he from?
– He is from Spain

– What languages do you speak?
– I speak Italian

–  What’s the capital city of France?
– The capital city is Paris

– What colour is the Italian flag?
– The Chinese flag is red with five yellow stars.

* We will review the structure: «he is playing the piano»

In the end student will be able to present a country for example:

«This is France The people in France speak French The capital city of France is Paris The French flag is blue, white and red»