Class one:

Today we are going to focus on Reading and Use of English part 2- we will work through pages 14 and 15 of the book, as well as looking at two practice papers. One of these will focus on the origin of language; for this reason we are going to watch a TED talk about the possible origins of language and how they are studied.

Homework: Exam task on page 16

Class two:

Today we will focus on listening part 4  (pages 59-60) and speaking part 3.The speaking part 3 material is a photocopy to be handed out in class, but this can also be accessed through the link below:

Speaking part 3- Student handout

Homework: Letter of application:

…For a busy restaurant located in the main tourist area of this region. We have a number of vacancies available, including:
Head Chef
Head waiter/waitress
Restaurant Manager
Hours of work: 6 – 12pm, Mondays to Saturdays.
Please send us a letter explaining which post you are interested in and why we should consider you for the job. Interviews will be held a week after the closing date.

Remember: you are only applying for one of these jobs, not all three!!

CAE letter of Application