Hi guys,

Class one:

Today we are looking at part 3 of the Reading and Use of English exam- word formation. We will start by talking about holidays and where students like to go/ what they like to do. Then we will complete a Madlibs about holidays, which you can find in the link below:


We will look at page 17 of the, and complete exercise 3 and 4.

To finish, we will complete the exam task from the Cambridge website:


Homework: Please complete the exam task on page 17

Class two:

Today we will look at writing part 2: the story (pages 20-21). Students will read and re-order a cut-up story, to help focus on time markers and how to create a logical flow of ideas. Then we will complete exercises 1-3 on page 20 of the book, and review some useful vocabulary on page 21 regarding adjectives and adverbs.

Homework: Please complete the exam task on page 20