Class one:

Today we will focus on listening part 4  (pages 59-60) and start speaking part 3.The speaking part 3 material is a photocopy to be handed out in class, but this can also be accessed through the link below. We will continue to work from this material during Thursday’s class.

Speaking part 3- Student handout

Class two:

Today we are continuing with speaking part 3. To start we will check your categorised answers on the worksheet, before completing the speaking task on page S12 at the back of the Trainer book. We are then going to discuss language in Europe, and how important it is, before moving onto learning styles and techniques, and how these are different in China. We will watch this video:

and discuss the techniques we see. We will complete a second part 3 exam task found on page S5, and then to finish the class students will complete speaking part 4.

Homework: Letter of application:

…For a busy restaurant located in the main tourist area of this region. We have a number of vacancies available, including:
Head Chef
Head waiter/waitress
Restaurant Manager
Hours of work: 6 – 12pm, Mondays to Saturdays.
Please send us a letter explaining which post you are interested in and why we should consider you for the job. Interviews will be held a week after the closing date.

Remember: you are only applying for one of these jobs, not all three!!

CAE letter of Application