Hi guys,

Class one

Today we worked on listening part 1. Students described the appearance of people, houses, clothes and sports on pages 34-35. They then listened to each question and we spoke about the vocabulary used in each listening and why the other two answers were incorrect. We then completed the full part 1 exam task on pages 36 and 37.

Homework: As homework from last week was not handed in or fully completed, students were reminded to bring this for Friday’s class.

Class two:

Today we are holding a writing workshop to practise the writing part 3. We will work from photocopies from Complete Pet workbook and this PDF:

PET writing 3

The photocopied activities help the students to recognise the formality and level of vocabulary of the letter. this will be complemented by the activities on page 31 of the trainer book.

Students will write a letter, paragraph by paragraph in class, which we will all correct together.

Homework: Please complete the exam task on page 33 (question 7)