Hi guys,

Class one:

We began today with revision of the verbs and prepositions from last week. (Answers and material below)

Verb preposition worksheet

Then we moved on to the main part of the class which was reading part 7. We spoke briefly about the environment, and what the main problems and possible solutions are. We watched a short video and then focused on an exam practice on page 33. Here we looked for words that give clues about what comes before and after the gap (e.g. pronouns, cohesive devices, time words, etc.) Students then completed the task.


Homework: please complete exam task on page 35 and 36.

Class two:

Today we started class with a Kahoot that covered vocabulary and grammar points from parts 1-4 of the exam. (https://create.kahoot.it/l/#user/68d3e4d3-7587-4cdb-a1c5-0dad2244979c/kahoots/created)

This then led onto part 4 of the exam on page 26. We focused mainly on technique, instead of the individual grammar points (but we will look at these in more detail on Monday). Students worked together to isolate information in the sentences (exercise 1) and relate this info to the key word. We checked the answers as a class and talked briefly about the grammar points in these sentences.

Homework: please complete the proposal question found in writing part 2 of test 5. 

Also complete reading and use of english part 4 in test 5.