Hi guys,

Class one:

Today we looked at part 3 of the reading and use of english exam. We briefly went through the objective of the task, and then students worked in pairs to make their own exam paper by removing words from an FCE text. They then swapped with another group and focused on word form and transformation to get the correct answer.

Homework: Exam task on page 167.

Class two:

In today’s class we started by correcting homework and reviewing the 3rd conditional using this powerpoint: 3rdconditional-111216050741-phpapp01.ppt

Then we moved onto our main activity of the class: part 4 key word sentence transformation. We practised a couple of examples together on the board, thinking about techniques and ways of gaining ‘lucky’ marks. Then we worked in groups of 4 to play a game of Reversi. Students practised transforming sentences, focusing on 9 common grammar points.

Homework: Please complete pages 72 and 73 of the Trainer book.