Hi guys,

This week in class we started with a revision quiz of phrasal verbs. Then we moved onto the main task of the first half of class: reading and use of english part 7. We started with a brief discussion about stress and relaxation, before watching a Ted talk about this topic. https://ed.ted.com/on/nRD9yXez

We looked at a sample exam task and analysed the sentences before and after each gap, as well as in the answers, in order to see how ideas linked together within the text.

In the second half of the class we began with a Kahoot to revise parts 1-4 of the exam.


We spent the last segment of the class looking at techniques for part 4 of the exam.


  • please complete the training task, and exam task for reading and use of english part 7 (test 1).
  • Complete the training pages and exam task of reading and use of english part 4 (test 1)
  • Complete question 2 of writing part 2 (test 5)