Class 1

In this class we will work on general revision and also the focus on places in your town in unit4

Grammar- Making suggestions – Let’s go, Shall we

We will also talk about our favourite places in the city and finish off page 39 talking about the weather and where we can go when the weather si sunny, raining, snowing etc. What activities we can do.


Class 2

This week we will be doing revision on the book in general and the last chapter on your city and we will start to talk about food

Page 41- Song » Let’s eat»

What are your favourite foods?

How much is it. We will look at the proce list on page 42 and 43 and we will also play the shop game where students are told a price and have to choose the correct coins to pay for the total of the purchase.

Story- Page 44 and 45

Games- Spot the difference