Welcome back guys!

Class one:

Today we continued with the theme of clothes and shopping by reviewing some more difficult adjectives to describe clothes and style. We then focused our attention on comparatives and superlatives. We reviewed the grammar rules on page 24 and students put this into practice orally by making comparisons between themselves. We then looked at a new structure: as+adjective+as. To practice this and the comparatives and superlatives, we played a Kahoot:


Homework: Please complete the exam task on page 25

Class two:

In today’s class we revised descriptive language of clothing by describing the two pictures on page 28. Then we reviewed subject and object pronouns with a quiz, and then activities 3, 4 and 5 on page 28. We spent the rest of the class looking at more pronouns: who, which, when, where. Students completed the rules on the board, and then we practised them with this Kahoot:


Homework: Please complete exercises 7 and 8 on page 29.