Hello everyone !

In December we started Unit 3 Story world , which we finished the first two weeks of January.

Here is the structure of the Unit:


  • Picure dictionary: story, witch, pirate, princess, superhero, dwarf, prince, giant, dragon.
  • Adjectives: scary, strong, beautiful, big, small, tall, short, fat, thin, bad, good.
  • Review: hair, eyes, nose, ears, legs, hands, jacket, shoes, dress, trousers, colours.


  • I’m (eu son), He is (El é), She is (Ela é), It is (Iso é)
  • My eyes are …/  His hair is …  / Her jacket is …..
 Till February we will continue with Unit 4 : Sports


. Sports: football, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, rollerblading, basketball, cycling, skiing.

Possessive pronouns: My, your, his, her.

Vocabulary review:
. Play (sports), ride a bike, swim, play (instruments), do karaoke, paint, read, juggle, climb.
. Family: dad, mum, brother, sister, grandad, granny.

Grammar : like / can
. Do you like basketball? Yes, I do  / No, I don’t
. I like / I don’t like
. She likes  / She doesn’t like
. I can / He can / She can play tennis
. Can you swim? Yes, I can / No, I can’t
. Can she ride a bike? Yes, she can / No, she can’t