Hello everyone!

In January and February we will focus on Unit 5: Let’s go shopping!

Here is the structure:

. Pronounce and write the vocabulary list correctly
. Build phrases in English using the vocabulary and grammar of the topic.
. Know how to explain where a store is located using prepositions: next to, between and opposite.
. Know how to give directions on how to get to a site.
. Learn to express something if you like it or not, using: like, love, really like,
. Know how to write a dialogue that is developed in a store.


  • Vocabulary list: shoe shop, greengroucer’s, bookshop, supermarket, baker’s, computer shop, sports shop, clothes shop; go straight on, go past, turn right at the traffic lights, turn left at the zebra crossing.
  • Review: shopping centre, school, park, zoo, swimming poool, cinema, bus station.


  • How much is it?
  • It’s 20 €
  • Where’s the supermarket?
  • It’s between the …. and the ….
  • It’s next to the ……
  • It’s opposite the …………..
  • Go straight on, turn right at the zebra crossing. Go past the computer shop then turn right. It’s on your left / opposite the shoe shop…
  • Do you like books?
  • Yes, I do / No, I don’t
  • I love information books / I really like comics / I like novels / I don’t like joke books / I hate magazines