Hello everyone!

Your homework for Monday ( 15.01.18) was to write an essay, pg 87.

On Monday we will continue with learning how to write a review , exercises from pg 88-89-90. If we finish all the exercises we will play a game: draw the picture. Each of the students will get a picture ,he/ she will have 1 minute to describe it with as much detail as possible , the others need to listen and draw what they hear.

Homework for Wednesday: pg 117 and 118/ reading an use of English part 7.

On Wednesday we will practice listening part 3 and 4, exercises from pages: 51,52,53,54. If we have time we will play a vocabulary game.

Since next Monday ( 22.01.18) it’s a holiday , you will have a bit more homework. So your homework for Wednesday (24.01.18) is pg 90/ write a review+ pg 67/ Life on Mars and pg 70/ Solar powered cars.

See you in class!