In today’s class we are going to look at the passive voice (page 28 of the book). Students will begin by listening to part 2 of a speaking exam and completing the sentences in exercise 1. We will then look at how to form the passive and why/when it is used. Students will then complete exercise 2 and 3 in the book, in pairs.

Student will then watch a clip from the film The Green Lantern and complete 6 sentences with either the active or passive form. To finish the class, we will look at exercises 4 and 5, which focus on spelling and the correct form of the passive.

Homework: Complete the exam task on page 29.

Today we are moving onto unit 4 which is all about sport and healthy living. We will start by talking about sports that the students enjoy watching and practising, and what sport means to them. They will then watch a video about what sport means to some of the most famous sports stars and discuss if they agree or disagree.

Students will then work together to match idioms related to sport with their definition.

To finish, we are going to look at some of the more unusual sports in the world: Dog Boarding and Bubble Football.

Homework: Please complete the exam task on page 31, and the writing task handed out in class. This is a piece of writing about your favourite sport and your experiences playing it. Say:

What you play and describe the rules

When you started playing

Why you like it

Talk about a the most successful player in your sport and their achievements