Class one:

We are continuing with the theme of healthy living. Today, students practised asking and answering how often students did un/healthy things (for example exercising, eating junk food etc). They listened to a doctor asking a boy about his healthy habits, and joined up the questions and answers on page 22 of the workbook. Then they unscrambled the questions in exercise 3 and answered them for themselves.

Class two:

Today we started the class with a spelling game in which the word the student says must begin with the last letter of the previous word. Then we revised how often by making questions about two teenagers from Canada and Spain. Students took it in turns to read aloud the information about the two teenagers, and answered questions orally in a group. We revised frequency (once, twice, 3-6 times a week and everyday) and completed activities 6 and 7 on page 23 of the workbook.