Hi guys,

Class one:

Today we focused on a particular grammar topic that allows us to make predictions about past events. We looked at 4 structures:

  • May/might/could + have+ past participle (for possible past events)
  • Must + have+ past participle (for almost certain past events)
  • Can’t have + have+ past participle (for impossible past events)
  • Should + have+ past participle (for regrets)

We started by discussing the film The hangover and what a hangover is. We read a situation card in which students had to predict the events of the previous night using the structures.

Finally we completed exercises 5 and 6 on page 21.

Homework: Please complete the exam task on page 22.

Class two:

Today we are looking at how to write a film review. We spoke about what is important when considering how good a film is (e.g. the acting, the plot etc) and rated their importance, as well as students’ preferences. Students then read and analysed a film review from the FCE compact book. Finally we looked at important grammar and vocabulary to use in the review. To finish we played a (difficult) Kahoot to increase students range of film vocabulary.


The homework is to write a review about the best film you have seen. You should talk about the plot, the setting and the main characters. Then say whether you would recommend the film to others or not. This homework is for next Tuesday.