Class one:

Today we looked at how to write a film review. We began by listening to the audio of a short film, and students predicted which genre it belonged to and more specifically what happened. Then students watched the video and compared. We spoke about what is important when considering how good a film is (e.g. the acting, the plot etc) and rated their importance. Students then read and analysed a film review from the FCE compact book. Finally we looked at important grammar and vocabulary to use in the review.

The homework is to write a review about the best film you have seen. You should talk about the plot, the setting and the main characters. Then say whether you would recommend the film to others or not. This homework is for next Tuesday.

Class two:

Today we have been speaking about robots, computer and machines, and how they have affected our world, and how they will continue to affect it, in relation to jobs. We began by discussing jobs that have been taken over already by machines, and what types of job are under threat.

We then focused specifically on robots in education, and the role they could play. We completed Use of English part 2 about a computerised teaching assistant, and then discussed robots in education in more detail relating to: critical thinking, the teacher job market, factual insight, technological advancement and feedback.

Homework: Please complete the reading part 6 task handed out in class and part 2 on page 164.