Class one:

We began today’s class with a review of the comparative and superlative structures, completing exercises 2 and 3 on the following link:

We then looked at pages 26-27 of the book, which focuses on part 1 of the reading exam. Students completed the questionnaire in exercise 1 in pairs, discussing their habits regarding shopping. As a class we looked at exercise 3, checking vocabulary and discussing where these signs can be found. We also looked at formal synonyms of informal words or phrases, before working through exercise 5 and 6 on page 27.

Homework: Complete the exam task on page 27.

Class two:

We started today by checking the homework on page 29 (exercises 7 and 8). We also started a new topic in the book: Relax! Students listened to the audio of a short film and predicted the genre and details of what happens.

They then read out their stories before watching the video and checking. We then spoke about films in general, (students preferences, favourite films, and recommendations). In preparation of the homework, we read the exam task on page 30 and checked for understanding.

Homework: please complete the exam task on page 30-31.