Class one:

Today we started by revising comparative and superlative structures by completing exercises 2 and 3 on this webpage from the British Council:

Then we went on to talk about sport and what the students practise. We watched and listened to a video about Silverstone race circuit, and Wembley stadium and completed a gap-fill exercise.

To finish we began a discussion about some of the stranger sports in the world, and watched a short video about bubble football.

Homework: Students must come to Friday’s class with a list of three unusual sports they know. They will prepare a presentation about this sport, and then give the presentation in 3 weeks time. This will form a part of their mock exam mark.

Class two:

Today students focused on the zero, first and second conditionals. We reviewed each structure and how and when we use them, and answered questions to practise the grammar. Then we completed 2, 3 and 4 on page 59 of the book. We also played a game on the board to practise the same structures.

Conditionals review rally

Homework: please complete the exam task on pages 60-61.

Please complete the following writing task:

An English friend, Jack, is coming to stay in your town for a month.This is part of a letter he sends to you:

I’m interested in all sorts of sports. Will I be able to join any clubs when I come? What sports are you interested in? Are there any famous sportsmen in your area?

Write a letter in about 100 words answering your friend’s questions.