Class one

Today we studied  verb + ing and verb + infinitive structures. We completed the rules on page 20 of the book, and completed the exercises on page 20 and 21. We looked specifically at how the meaning of a sentence can change depending on the form of the verb used, and watched a segment of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

We completed sentences about what was shown in the film, using either the ing or infinitive form.

Class two:

Today we began by correcting the homework (test 1 part 4 exam task). Then we spoke about the advantages and disadvantages of country and city life. Students worked in small groups to simulate part 3 of the speaking exam, and then came to conclusions about the biggest advantage and disadvantage of each place to live. We then looked at some more advanced vocabulary to describe the areas in which we live, which will be useful for the homework. 

To finish off, we completed the listening exam task (part 2) on page 121.

Homework: Please complete Test 6 Writing part 2, question 4