Class one:

Today we worked on past modals and a crime scene investigation. Students began by making predictions about photographs using the following structures: Could/may/might have + past participle ; Must have + past participle ; can’t have + past participle. We then looked at a crime scene and students worked in pairs to write their various predictions about the murder, and then a narrative to explain it.

Homework: Page 74 exercises 2 and 3.

Class two

Today we continued with the theme of past modals by reviewing the structures of last class using these cards:

Next we talked about past regrets and watched a segment of the film Click.

We then spoke about the life of the man, and his last interaction with his Dad. Students then discussed in pairs what his regrets could have been, and what he wished he had differently. We then completed exercise 1 on page 74 which looked a past regrets and wishes.

Finally, we looked at Reading and use of English part 4 exam technique, and students completed questions 25 and 26 of the exam task on page 75. We checked these as a class and looked at the grammar involved.

Homework: Please complete the rest of the exam task on page 75 and the writing part 1 exam task in test 6.