Class one:

We started class by watching this videos of the Minions, and creating sentences about what they have done in their lives.

Next, students completed the rules of the present perfect tense on page 32 and completed the gaps in exercise 3. We then discussed our own life experiences using the present perfect , answering questions from this website:

To finish, we played a game to reinforce the structures in written form:

Homework: please complete exercises 5 and 6 on page 32.

Class two:

Today we started by correcting the homework on pages 30-31. Students then reread the text to find as many adjectives as they could, and categorise them depending on their endings (ed or ing). We discussed the difference in meaning of the adjectives and formed questions to ask each other about opinion and feeling. Then we played the following game to test knowledge:

To finish class, students played adjectives dominoes. Students had to match the adjective with its extreme form, and say whether it described opinion or feeling.

Homework: please complete the following worksheet Ed Ing Adjective endings