Class one:

Part 4 Reversi and grammar analysis: Today we are reviewing typical structures from part 4 of the use of english exam. Students will transform sentences twice over memorising the grammar and details of each sentence. Below is the complete list of transformation we studied in class. 


Class two:

Today we are looking at speaking part 2 of the exam: talking about two pictures. We will start by watching a segment of this part of the speaking exam and revising what students must do- compare and contrast, speculate, and answer the question.

Students will work in pairs to brainstorm relevant vocabulary and grammar structures for each requirement. Then they will work against each other in teams, answering exam task questions. The students will mark the speaker and decide how many points they deserve, depending on the language used to compare, speculate and answer the question.

Homework: Please complete the exam task on page 163 and question 3 of writing part 2 on page 163