Class one:

Today we will complete the exam task on page 34: listening part 1. Students will describe each image in the answers, and predict how they might be referred to in the listening. We will correct the answers in class and go through any new and relevant vocabulary. In the second half of class we will play the green card game in which a pair of students is quizzed by the rest of the class who play the role of police. If the stories don’t match, they aren’t allowed into the country.

Homework page 33 exam task

Class two:

We are starting today’s class with a revision of the present perfect structure using this Kahoot:

We will then watch a video of The Bucket List:

…and discuss what students would put on their list. They will then interview each other about their experiences, taking on new roles of rich billionaire and journalist.

Homework: Please complete the review pages 70-71