This week we will be working on the listening from exam 3

Class 1

Page 106- Listening part 1

Before doing part 2 which is related to water pollution we will discuss enviromental problems and if students are involved in helping the enviroment and/or recycle.

Page 108- Listening part 2

Role play game-


Essay- What is your opinion about reality programmes?

Class 2

Corect Homework

Before listening to Listening part 3 which is based on a Café we will talk about eating out in Valencia and what places students recommend

Listening part 3- Page 109

We will talk about the students schools and if they are happy where they study, would they like to change and what they would change about their school

Listening part 4. Page 110

Football quiz (Tuesday-Thursday pet) (General Knowledge quiz Wed-Friday)


Presentation- Topic of students choice