Hi guys,

Class one:

Today we looked at part 3 of the reading and use of english exam. We briefly went through the objective of the task, and then students worked in pairs to make their own exam paper by removing words from an FCE text. They then swapped with another group and focused on word form and transformation to get the correct answer.

Homework: Exam task page 35

Class two:

Today we completed parts 3 and 4 of the speaking exam on page 33. This was all related to sport in school. Students talked about three different sports and how good they would be to play/learn, and then discussed a question together about how important sport in school is. We then moved onto part 4 where students answered questions in more detail. We finished the class with a game.

Homework: please complete page 34, both the exercise and exam task. Also prepare your presentation about strange sports because next week we will present them.