Class one:

Today we corrected the homework on page 33 and clarified answers to common mistakes. Students then completed exercise 5 on page 37, which is all about word building and the formation of various words from one root. We then used these words to correct the sentences in exercise 6. In preparation of the homework students worked in pairs to discusses pairs of sentences in exercise 7, and decided if they had the same meaning or not. We corrected as a class and briefly talked about strategy for the writing part 1 exam task. To finish the class we played a Kahoot to practise word formation.

Homework: Please complete the exam task on page 37

Class two:

Today we began a new unit: Healthy living. We started by watching the first 5 minutes of Supersize Me, and talked about the negative effects of unhealthy eating. Students shared their own eating habits and how they lead a healthy life. We then looked at the diets of three people: a marathon runner, a jockey, and a polar scientist. We discussed what food they would have to eat and how healthy their lives are. We then looked at food vocabulary in exercises 2 and 4 on page 38. To finish we completed the listening exam task on page 39.

Homework: Please complete the writing task on page 29- you can choose either question.