Class one:

Today we worked on modals of speculation and a crime scene investigation. Students began by making predictions about photographs using the following structures: Could/may/might be; Must be; can’t be. We then looked at a crime scene and students worked in pairs to write their various predictions about the murder, and then a narrative to explain it.

Class two:

Today we are looking at phrasal verbs on page 66. We will start by completing a gap fill exercise about the world cup in 2010 and decide what the phrasal verbs mean. Then we will watch a video about Valencia CF tactics, and discuss the success and disadvantages of this system. After this, we have a short comprehension quiz about football. Students will then complete exercises 1 and 2 on page 66 of the book.

Homework: Please complete exercise 3 on page 66 and the exam task on page 67-68.