Class one:

Today we focused on giving advice. We spoke about Problem pages, and Agony Aunts and what they mean and the types of problems that can be seen on these pages. Students discussed Advice and who they receive advice from, or who they give it to. We then read a letter from a girl to an Agony Aunt and created suggestions to help her solve the problems. We looked at page 36 of the book as a reference for phrases to give advice. Finally, one student was given a problem without them knowing. The other students gave them advice about this problem and based on this advice the student had to guess the problem.

HW: Please make the corrections in the letter to the aunt Aunt.

Class Two:

Today we continued with the theme of giving advice, and decided what advice we would give in the following situations:

Solution conversation

Students then completed the activities on pages 36 and 27, which all refer to how to write a letter to a friend, in which they must give advice.

Homework: Page 37 exam (students can choose to answer A or B)