This week we are keeping things conversation-based after two weeks of exams.

In class one we have looked at speaking part 2 of the exam. We began by revising the exam format, what you have to do to get good marks and some techniques to do this part of the exam effectively. We watched speaking part 2 of the following video and assessed how these two students did:

Next we put into practice some new vocabulary and exam technique, using phrases from page 63 to answer a question about two photographs, showing speculation and comparison.

HW: Please complete pages 82 and 83 of the book.

Class two:

Today we continued to focus our efforts on the speaking exam, moving on to part 3 of the exam. We revised format and what students have to do, before watching part 3 of the exam (found in the video above). We then discussed the good, the bad and the ugly, and how students can avoid their mistakes. Next we looked at expressions useful for this part of the exam on page 65, and debated a number of topics as a class.

HW: Please complete the essay exam task on page 86.