Class one:

Today we looked at writing part 1 of the exam: how to write an essay. We began by discussing in pairs about topics 1, 3 and 5 of the link below. Students made 5 minute plans for each of these essay questions, in preparation for their homework.

We then went looked at the criteria used to mark the essay, and what students have to do to fulfil this criteria. This is found on page 34 of the handbook:

Using this information, students analysed three answers to the same essay question, before we compared with their real marks.

HW: Complete one of the questions from the following link:

Class two:

Today we looked at the language of advice, suggestions and recommendations. We started by discussions the solutions to common problems we may face, before moving onto the specific language and grammar involved. You can find this info in the link below:

Giving advice PDF

We then looked at the format of an informal letter to a friend and revised the structure, and the phrases you must include (regardless of the content). You can also find a reference to this structure on page 41 of the Trainer book.

We finished class by utilising the language of advice in role play situations.

Homework: Please complete the exam task on the photocopy handed out in class.