Hi guys,

In class one we are talking about extreme and adventurous holidays. Students will look at an advert for the polar expedition led by Ernest Shackleton, and discuss in pairs what characteristics this type of person needs, what problems they would face on this trek, and whether the students would take on this challenge. They will then discuss other holidays from a list, and what they would or wouldn’t do, and why.  Next, we will complete a listening exam task (part 2) on page 97.

Finally, we will finish the class by discussing a particularly adventurous (and possibly dangerous holiday): skiing in North Korea. Students will demonstrate what they know about the country and we will then watch a documentary about a luxury ski resort in the country.

Class two:

Today we are going to focus on speaking preparation for the exam. Students will work in pairs to describe pictures taken from the presentation below, while a second pairs makes notes on their performance, highlighting the good and the bad. The pairs will then change roles and repeat.

We will then move onto speaking part three of the exam, in which students will work in threes to discuss spider diagrams (found at the back of their books).


You have been asked by your teacher to write an article on the following topic:

Today’s TV

«A load of old rubbish» or
«More choice than ever before»?

Is today’s television still good value for money?

Write your article for the magazine (around 140-190 words).