Hi guys,

The plan for class one is:

  • Check the Easter homework.
  • Net we will look at part 3 of the use of english: word formation. Students will reform the words from the Quizlet cards to make a variety of new word forms. https://quizlet.com/201069300/fce-word-formation-use-of-english-part-3-flash-cards/
  • We will then complete the exam task on page 111.
  • We will finish off the class by completing the listening exam task on page 121.

Homework: Complete exam task on page 147

Class two:

Today we are looking at article writing:

  • Students will begin by discussing what they know about the cheese-rolling festival held in the UK.
  • They will then read an article and complete the gaps with an appropriate word.
  • We will look at the text and discuss the structure, as well as useful expressions and vocabulary. We will then focus on using extreme adjectives to make the writing more exciting.
  • Finally, students will choose their own local festival and plan their article.

Homework: Please see the document below: