Class one:

Today we will talk about family and look at useful expressions that are related to this topic.

Students will:

  • Learn new fixed phrases by asking and answering questions about family in small groups. To follow up, students will match the expressions and definitions to create a written record for future use.
  • We will then discuss our family and our heritage, and what students know about their family tree.
  • Students will watch a video about various citizens of the world taking a DNA test, and discuss the results of the tests.
  • We will finish class with speaking exam practice.

Homework: page 116-117

Class two:

Today we will focus on parts 3 and 4 of the speaking exam.

Students will:

  • Begin by revising the relevant communicative language they will need in this part of the exam by “speed discussing” various topics.
  • We will then practise part 3 of the exam in pairs or small groups. While one group speaks, the other groups will mark them.
  • This will follow onto part 4 of the exam in which students speak more broadly about the topics of part 3. Again, the students will peer mark.


Students were given an exam paper to complete at home. For those not able to attend class, this homework will be given out next Thursday.