Class one:

Today we will talk about family and look at useful expressions that are related to this topic.

Students will:

  • Learn new fixed phrases by asking and answering questions about family in small groups. To follow up, students will match the expressions and definitions to create a written record for future use.
  • We will then discuss our family and our heritage, and what students know about their family tree.
  • Students will watch a video about various citizens of the world taking a DNA test, and discuss the results of the tests.
  • We will finish class with speaking exam practice.

Homework: Page 155 and 156-157

Class two:

Today we will focus on bad habits, looking at vocabulary and watching a TED talk.

Students will:

  • Look at expressions related to bad habits and discuss their meanings.
  • Watch a TED talk and orally complete comprehension questions in pairs.
  • Students will look at difficult words and phrases and attempt to work out the meaning from the context.
  • After checking the meanings of the words and phrases, students will use them to complete sentences and check understanding.
  • We will then put these into oral practice with some discussion questions in pairs.

Homework: Page 143 question 4 and 158