Today we are focusing on travelling.

Students will:

  • Discuss types of holidays and the advantages and disadvantages of each, and which one they prefer and why.
  • Reorder 10 quotes from famous people about life and travelling. They will then choose 3 to discuss in pairs.
  • Watch a short film in which the 10 quotes appear and discuss how the film was made, the countries visited and what the connection between the quotes and the film is. We will also discuss the meaning of the film and why Nike chose it as their advert.

Class two

Students will continue with the theme of travelling. We will:

  • Plan a holiday to London in pairs, focusing on the language of persuasion and discussion
  • Complete a part 5 exam task (taken from PETfs Compact)
  • Complete a speaking exam task about travel and trips, using the language we practised earlier in class.


  • Writing exam task (taken from page 51 of the PETfs Compact).
  • Page 150-151 of PETfs Trainer